Carpets are dear and expensive pieces of flooring decoration and an important part of home d├ęcor. They are compatible with every setting and though they can be placed in any room, they bring livelihood to living rooms by accentuating the environment. Therefore, the necessity to keep their glow alive is deemed among the top ones by those who take carpets as a marvelous piece of art. They keep their carpets at a distance from places that can inflict potential stains and keep the carpets protected from dirt and grit. Although they regularly maintain their carpets by mild vacuuming, a carpet needs more severe means of cleaning once in a while. These severe means of cleaning are usually referred to as ‘deep cleaning.’

There are four methods of cleaning carpets: carpet shampooing, dry powder cleaning, bonnet cleaning and steam cleaning.

Carpet Shampooing

The first method is the carpet shampooing method. This type of cleaning utilizes the idea of generating a lot of foam in the carpet by applying a special shampoo to attract the dirt embedded in the carpet. These shampoos have very high foam levels that reduce moistening the carpet and have very stable foam. They also contain ample amounts of optical brighteners which turn UV light into visible light and make the carpet seem cleaner. In reality, the shampoos bury the dust in the carpet instead of removing it. These methods are not satisfactory as they merely give a false impression of a cleaned carpet for a short amount of time.

Cleaning Powders

Another carpet cleaning method is ‘dry powder cleaning.’ There is only a negligible amount of water usage in this method and, hence, the ‘dry cleaning’ alias. An absorbent powder is sprinkled thoroughly over the carpet to attract and absorb the dirt in it. The sturdy dust particles in the carpet are brought to the surface with mechanical agitation from a cleaner. The sprinkled powder contains liquids that dissolve with the dirt and detergent, and this mixture is absorbed into the absorbent powder that can be vacuumed later. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to wait for the carpet to dry, so the chore can be ended in a reasonable amount of time by vacuuming the carpet.

Bonnet Method

The third type of carpet cleaning is the bonnet method. This method is usually discouraged by many carpet manufacturers and fabric experts since it has a limited capability for soil removal and leaves most of the detergent in the carpet, leaving the carpet prone to re-soiling.

Steam Cleaning

The fourth type of carpet cleaning is warm water extraction or steam cleaning. This is the most detailed deep cleaning method and is highly recommended by carpet manufacturers and fabric experts. It implies the idea that powerful water and detergent dissolve together in an instant. A fine spray of water is used to tantalize the dirt in the carpet and it is immediately vacuumed back with the dirt from the suction slot.